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Alternative facts, January 2017

Paranoid, Toronto, January 2017

Winding down, Toronto, January 2017

Tickled pink, Kensington Toronto, Dec 2016

Christmas stars, Toronto, Dec 2016

A table for three, Toronto, Dec 2016

Winter garden, Toronto, Dec 2016

Another November day, cottage, Nov 2016

Alley thugs, Toronto, Nov 2016

They did what? Toronto, Nov 2016

Singing the blues, and reds, and greens, Toronto, Nov 2016

Swept up, Toronto, Oct 2016

I wanna hold your hand, Toronto, Oct 2016

Fits right in, Distillery District, Toronto, Oct 2016

His clone?, Toronto, Oct 2016

Of macs and monsters, Pine Farm, King Ontario, Sept 2016

Outside looking in, Toronto, Sept 2016

Prehistoric dinner, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Sept 2016

One tough decision?, cottage, August 2016

He’s got the blues, Toronto, August 2016

A tail of envy, harbourfront, Toronto, August 2016

Beach bums on chairs, Kew Beach, Toronto, August 2016

Pop goes the tongue, Toronto, August 2016

Playing doctor, Toronto, August 2016

It’s secret, waterfront, Toronto, August 2016

Hopped to it, Toronto, July 2016

Monster update, Toronto, July 2016

Miss Nothing is missing something, Toronto, July 2016

Can I take it home?, Toronto, July 2016

A crafty monster, home, July 2016

Even with the pits, Toronto, July 2016

The silent type, Riverdale Farm/Park, Toronto, July 2016

Day is done, cottage, July 2016

All is not what it seems, home, July 2016

Ma bonne chere, Fourth Chute Falls, Bonnechere River, June 2016

A family portrait, Corkin Gallery, Toronto, June 2016

Almost lunchtime, alley in Toronto, June 2016

Nothing on the computer, home, June 2016

Warming up, Toronto, June 2016

Feeling yellow, Toronto, May 2016

A field of wishes, Fort York, Toronto, May 2016

Smoochies, downtown, Toronto, May 2016

Namaste and snuggles, Toronto, May 2016

Safety first, Toronto, May 2016

Knock knock, Toronto, April 2016

Not even a conceptual monster, Toronto, April 2016

Spring fever, Toronto, April 2016

Give me your anser do, Toronto, April 2016

On the ropes, Toronto, April 2016

A stroll on the beach, Cherry Beach, Toronto, April 2016

Big and blue, Canary District, Toronto, April 2016

Wild Things, Toronto, April 2016

I look for the light, Toronto, April 2016

Springtime in Toronto, April 2016

It must be Monday, Toronto, April 2016

Leaving on a jet plane, Toronto, Dec 2015

Waiting up for Santa, Toronto, Dec 2015

Another milestone, Toronto, Dec 2015

Unplugged, Toronto, Dec 2015

Sleeping rough, under Bloor Viaduct, Toronto, Dec 2015

Life’s a blast, under Bloor Viaduct, Toronto, Dec 2015

Feeling drained, Toronto, Dec 2015

Domestic bliss, Toronto, Nov 2015

Measuring up, Toronto, Nov 2015

Don’t be alarmed, Amherst Island ferry, Nov 2015

Jack and his mate, Toronto, Nov 2015

Alley ratz, somewhere near the Danforth, Toronto, Nov 2015

The day after the music died, Toronto, Nov 2015

Ready, aim, fire, Toronto, Oct 2015

We could talk all night, Toronto, Sept 2015

Namesake, Ayr Ontario, Sept 2015

Waiting for a cat, Toronto, Sept 2015

Discretion is advised, Toronto, Sept 2015

Make me walk, make me talk, Toronto, Sept 2015

A sweet tooth, Toronto, August 2015

Tru’a ngon! yummy lunch!, Toronto, August 2015

Horsing around, Toronto, August 2015

Clowning around, Toronto, August 2015

Merrily, merrily, cottage, July 2015

Angel wings, Georgina Island, July 2015

Can you spell misdemeanor?, Toronto, July 2015

Sadly not Bob, July 2015

Canoodling, cottage, July 2015

Goosed, Georgina Island, July 2015

Staying afloat, cottage, July 2015

Birds of a feather, Guild Park, Scarborough, July 2015

Oopsie, a little smashed, Toronto, July 2015

Canada Day, Toronto, July 2015

Eensy weensy, Montreal, June 2015

A perfect fit, Toronto, June 2015

Big blue, Toronto, May 2015

Two bright lights, Toronto, May 2015

One rad monster, Toronto, May 2015

Letting it all hang out, Toronto, May 2015

A friend in need, Toronto, April 2015

Sweet happiness, Toronto, April 2015

Sticker invasion, Toronto, April 2015

Boot Camp, Honest Eds, Toronto, March 2015

Burnt toast, Toronto, March 2015

Spring is in the air, Honest Eds, Toronto, March 2015

Bending Ears, Toronto, March 2015

Not quite a perfect fit, Honest Eds, Toronto, March 2015

It’s my middle name, Niagara Falls, March 2015

Glitter and glam, Toronto, March 2015

On tippy toes, Allan Gardens, Toronto, Feb 2015

Now that’s lifestyle, Kensington, Toronto, Feb 2015

An unguarded life, Kew Beach, Toronto, Feb 2015

Afternoon stroll, Kew Beach, Toronto, Feb 2015

You don’t know Jack, Toronto, Feb 2015

Heart to heart, Toronto, 14 Feb 2015

Takes the cake, Toronto, Feb 2015

He da bomb, Feb 2015

Shelf life, Toronto, Feb 2015

Fabricated icebergs, MOCCA, Toronto, Feb 2015

Let it snow, Toronto, Feb 2015

Not her swan song, Stella, Jan 2015

Hickory dickory, Stella, Jan 2015

Not just on the wall of the cave, Toronto, Jan 2015

Got a hold on me, Toronto, Jan 2015

A sweet place to be, Toronto, Jan 2015

Hot legs, Toronto, Jan 2015

Smooth and wrinkle free, Toronto, Jan 2015

Spray together, Toronto, Jan 2015

One today, Toronto, Dec 2014

And things that go bump in the night, Toronto, Dec 2014

Counting down the days, Toronto, Nov 2014

You cut me up, Toronto, Nov 2014

Looking for Jacob, Toronto, Nov 2014

The letter E, Toronto, Nov 2014

Wistfully watching, cottage, Nov 2014

To Jupiter and Mars, somewhere in Ontario, Nov 2014

Rustle and swirl, Toronto, Nov 2014

The big apple, Colborne Ont., Oct 2014

Life in plastic, Toronto, Oct 2014

Prepare to un-die, Zombie Walk, Toronto, Oct 2014

Fish tales, Sherwood Park, Toronto, Oct 2014

You’d be surprised, Sherwood Park, Toronto, Oct 2014

Worn to the bone, Toronto, Oct 2014

Just like magic, Elora Ont., Oct 2014

Keyboard duet, Toronto, Oct 2014

Love at First Sight, Fergus Ont., Oct 2014

Unprepared, Elora Ont., Oct 2014

Sharing stories, Toronto, Oct 2014

Eternal peace, Paris Ont., Oct 2014

Priceless, behind Queen St. West, Toronto, Oct 2014

Black stallion, Toronto, Oct 2014

Some like it hot, Thornbury, Sept 2014

Plastered, Thornbury, Sept 2014

Picture Perfect, AGO, Toronto, Sept 2014

That lives down the lane, Toronto,  Sept 2014

Anybody there?, Toronto, Sept 2014

Slight misunderstanding, Toronto, Sept 2014

Shakespeare, tragedy, and playing, Ireland Park, Toronto, Sept 2014

Squirrel!, Toronto, Sept 2014

Woof, woof, Vaughan Ont., Sept 2014

Little boxes, Toronto, Aug 2014

Waffling, CNE, Toronto, Aug 2014

Quite the prize,  CNE, Toronto, Aug 2014

Shutterbug, Toronto, Aug 2014

Locked in E,  Distillery Disctrict, Toronto, Aug 2014

Crying in the kitchen, Toronto, Aug 2014

A birthday party!, Toronto, Aug 2014

Shaka shakaaah, Toronto, July 2014

At the end of the day, Tobermory, July 2014

Car safety, Toronto, July 2014

Little blue and grandma?, Toronto, July 2014

Coming up roses, Toronto, July 2014

A frog he would a wooing go, Toronto, July 2014

Summer pun, cottage, July 2014

Tall and dark,  Pizza Libretto, Toronto, July 2014

Proud Edgar, Toronto, July 2014

Chatting up the gulls, Tobermory, June 2014

Coco coco nuts, Tobermory,  June 2014

Winning words, cottage, June 2014

Silent stranger, Montreal, June 2014

Sweet!, Tobermory, June 2014

Tricorne, not a unicorn, ride, Montreal, June 2014

Great weather, cottage, June 2014

Have a heart, Toronto, June 2014

Infamy posthumous, Montreal, June 2014

A wee elf, Toronto, June 2014

Playing cards, Toronto, June 2014

Wombie, the Aussie cousin, Toronto, June 2014

Chillin’  Toronto, June 2014

Peek-a-boo  Canoe Landing Park,  Toronto, June 2014

Martha?, Echo Bay Ontario, May 2014

Let it be, Toronto, May 2014

On a quest, Toronto, May 2014

Patio season, Toronto, May 2014

Staying in, Toronto, May 2014

At the fulcrum, Toronto, May 2014

Stepping out, Toronto, May 2014

Group Hug, Toronto, May 2014

Disappearing  ink, Toronto, Jan 2014

With tags  Toronto, Jan 2014

S.S. Minnow  Toronto, Jan 2014

Family portrait, Toronto, 2014

January loss, Richmond Hill, Jan 2014

Just another Canadian winter day, eh,  Richmond Hill, Jan 2014

Every monster has a backstory, Toronto, Dec 2013



It’s blue, Sydney, Sept 2016 (photo taken in February)

A real cliff hanger, Great Ocean Road, March 2016

InstaWoms, Melbourne, Feb 2016

Audience with the Pope, Melbourne, Feb 2016

Sandy bum, Loch Aud gorge, Australia, Feb 2016

In a galaxy, Melbourne, Feb 2016

Truthiness, Hosier Lane, Melbourne, Jan 2016

Another day, another cup or two or three, Melbourne, Jan 2016

Drink Moor Beer, Slow Beer, Melbourne, Jan 2016

G’day mate, Jan 26 (Australia day) 2016

Under the influence, Melbourne, Jan 2016

Carved in stone, Melbourne cemetery, Jan 2016

Summer tales, Melbourne, Jan 2016

A toast to us ‘n Oz, Melbourne, Jan 2016



Have condor  La Paz, April 2014

Palms  La Paz, April 2014

The open road  Salt flats, April 2014

My niche  Sucre, April 2014

truckin ‘  Salt flats,  2014


Another smart bunny wabbit, March 2016


Tickling her fancy, Paris, July 2016

Déposez ici, drop here, Paris, March 2016

Pieds nus or none at all, Paris, March 2016


Something smells fishy, Howth, September 2016

Beer belly, Dublin, September 2016


Dive right in, Padua, March 2016

Ciao baby!, Venice, March 2016

Cows go moo, March 2016



Prehistoric curiosity, Mnajdra, Dec 2014

Edgar’s angels, Mdina, Dec 2014

7610 km away, Dwerja Gozo, Dec 2014

Crack`d, Dwerja Gozo, Dec 2014

Edgar in charge, Sliema, Dec 2014



Heaven smells good  Lima, April 2014

Hammock time  April 2014

These boots April 2014

A few more steps  Machu Picchu, March 2014

Again?  Cusco, March 2014

Chifa  Lima, March 2014

In a prickle  Arequipa, March 2014

Where’s Edgar?, Arequipa, March 2014

bff’s  Lima, Feb 2014

Subject, verb, object  Lima, Feb 2014

The greatest thing Lima, Feb 2014

Playa player   Paracas, Jan 2014

31 steps   Lima, Jan 2014


Searching for a mantra, July 2016

Waaay up high, May 2106

Skitters, May 2016

Front seat view, Nuwara Eliya, March 2016


Nailed to his perch, Anse Marcel, January 2017



My proper place, Selcuk, Jan 2014

Amongst the ancients, Selcuk, Jan 2014

Hey Aladdin!  Dec 2013

Got the muchies  Dec 2013

Nature vs nurture  Dec 2013

Eager  Istanbul, Dec 2013


Traveling companions, Buffalo NY, January 2017

Photobomb, Los Angeles CA, Feb 2016

All weather friends, Los Angeles CA, January 2016

It’s 2016, Los Angeles, January 2016

A monster hike, Zion National Monument, Utah, Nov 2015

Creative teamwork, Las Vegas NV, Nov 2015

Think different, Las Vegas Nevada, Oct 2015

Between a rock and hard place, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY, Sept 2015

The train has left the station, Buffalo NY, Sept 2015

Peter Paul and Edgar, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY, June 2015

Looking for Spock, Pittsburgh PA, June 2015

Playing footsy, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY, June 2015

So close and yet so far, Hollywood California, April 2015

And beavers too, Niagara Falls NY, border, Feb 2015

Animated, Lake Buena Vista Florida, Jan 2015

Time flies by, somewhere over Florida, Jan 2015

Or was he?, Buffalo NY, Sept 2014

Unlimited, Buffalo NY, Sept 2014

Call me Daniel, Buffalo NY, Sept 2014

Susie Q, Buffalo NY, Aug 2014

What’s on tap?, Buffalo NY, Aug 2014

Uncle Sam wants me? Buffalo NY, Aug 2014

Tangled, Buffalo NY, Aug 2014

Beauty and the beast, Michigan, Aug 2014

Trippin’  Michigan, June 2014

Patience Edgar, patience ,  Michigan,  June 2014


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