k i s s i n g

Looking for love in all the right places!

Edgar the little blue stuffed monster is perched on a wood fence with his tongue out beside a big set of red lips painted on the fence, graffiti in the alley

Larger than life, knocked me over and covered me with kisses. Yummy. Yummy.


silent stranger

Chatting up a beautiful stranger  in an alley…

Edgar is with a mannequin that he met in an alley.  She is leaning against a green wall.  She has no hair, and no arms.  She is topless but is wearing a pink skirt and is carry a lime green shoulder bag.  Edgar is sitting on top of the green bag.

Hey babe! What’s your sign?
Etchings, maybe you like etchings?…..  
Or maybe you’d rather a pleasant walk in the woods, 
or a long stroll on the beach … in the moonlight?
I do like the strong, silent type…
[sigh]….mademoiselle, j’aime votre jupe rose.  J’aime votre sac vert.  J’aime tes yeux bleus… et votre petit nez mignon….
my french isn’t good enough either…..

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