traveling companions

Road trips are much more fun if you have a friend to share them with.

both Bo and Edgar are in the back of a hatchback car, along with a back pack and a duffle bag and other bags as they get ready to go on a road trip


Wombie, the Aussie cousin

I’ve heard so much about my world travelling Aussie cousin Wombie but we’ve never had the chance to meet… until the other evening.


A beautiful summer evening on the balcony was made even better by a bottle of Australian red. I was willing to share…..

but, as it turned out, Wombie was a very shy fellow


…. maybe he didn’t want to share the wine….

  or maybe it was my sassy little tongue…..


Eeeeeek! HELP!



Nothing like a little nose rub! All is forgiven Wombie…… the next bottle is on me?