tickled pink

feeling touched

Bo the little rainbow coloured stuffed monster is lying on the concrete sidewalk at the edge of a building. On the building is a street art painting of two hands with their fingers pointed downwards. Bo is lying under the fingers.

… just a little to the left… …. ah…..


eensy weensy

Miss Muffet’s not here today.  She told me that she had an appointment with her shrink this afternoon, something about dealing with her arachnophobia for once and for all.  And oh, by the way Mr. Longlegs, be careful, I hear that it’s supposed to rain this afternoon.

Edgar is sitting on a widow ledge.  The wall has a graffiti mural on it but you can only see the picture of a black spider on a green background.  It looks like Edgar is talking to the spider. previous post, A perfect fit

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my niche

Life does not end, it just changes form.

edgar_cemetery.jpg Edgar is in an empty niche on a wall in a cemetery in Sucre Bolivia.  He is surrounded by graves that are full, and that objects left in them as a memorial to the person buried there.

What would I want you to put by my grave? Flowers, beautiful but temporary?  What momentos of my life?  Perhaps it’s the fact that someone cares enough to visit the cemetery, and not what they leave beside my grave, that is important.  With a little luck, I still have time to ponder this.

May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life.
And may all your deaths be allegorical.

a cemetery wall containing many interments.  The wall is 5 graves high, and more than 15 graves long.  Each grave has a niche in the wall, most of which are covered with glass and almost all of them contain ornaments and/or flowers as memorials.

one of the walls in the cemetery, Sucre Bolivia